We are a Maine based program. We are your colleagues, friends and family members. We are making a difference in the world that is visible and real to thousands of people while providing valuable training and meaningful experience to local students. You can make a difference too by donating today to help us continue our important work.

We are unique. Unlike other popular "medical tourism" programs, which rarely return to the same location twice, ours is a sustained program that provides consistent access and continuity of care to our patients. We are making a substantial difference in the long term health and quality of life of thousands of men, women and children. They depend on our return. Our return depends on you.

Your donation will make a difference. Your tax-deductible contributions will go directly to medical supplies, equipment, administrative costs and transportation needed to provide care to the people we serve. All our funding comes from individual or corporate donations, and from special fundraising events. We have no paid personnel. Everyone, even our Board of Directors and officers, donate all their time. We also pay for our own travel. Fundraising Bochure (pdf)

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